3 Tips for Proactive Cleaning

Help your customers keep their facilities safer

Cleaning a desk with a microfibre cloth.

It’s no secret the pandemic has drastically changed perceptions around cleanliness. In a post-lockdown world, your customers are looking for ways to help their customers regain confidence in their facilities.

The secret to restoring this confidence is taking a proactive approach to cleaning. Here are three tips for cleaner, healthier spaces:

1. Promote proper hand hygiene

When promoting proper hand hygiene, communication is key! Help your customers clearly communicate hand hygiene practices in their business with posters and signage to encourage their customers to practice proper hand hygiene. Our Healthy Workplace Communications Kit includes hand sanitizing and handwashing guides that can be rebranded with your company name and logo and shared with your customers! Contact your R3 Account Representative to request yours today.

2. Prioritize touchpoint cleaning and disinfecting

Did you know more than 84% of Canadians think public spaces have an obligation to improve their disinfection practices for post-pandemic life? While it’s nearly impossible to keep high-touch surfaces completely free from bacteria, regular cleaning and disinfecting is critical to reduce the spread of illness. Include easy-to-use disinfecting methods in your assortment to reduce the barrier to completing disinfecting.

3. Stock Trusted Products

Stocking trusted and effective hand hygiene products is essential to help your customers deliver an effective clean. Ensure your Jan San assortment has a variety of trusted hand hygiene products and disinfectants to help support your customers’ cleaning measures.

The PURELL SOLUTION™ can help your customers deliver an effective clean and help show their commitment to cleanliness. When surveyed, eight out of 10 key decision-makers said they trust the PURELL® brand.1

This suite of products includes PURELL® hand soap and sanitizing products that kill bacteria while still being soft on hands, with surface disinfectants powerful enough to wipe out fast-spreading germs, yet gentle enough to use on food contact surfaces without a rinse step.

For more information about The PURELL SOLUTION™, download this helpful resource.* Need help choosing the right products to expand your selection? Talk to one of our R3 product experts today!


*If you require a more accessible version of this PDF, please contact us and we’d be happy to provide it.


1. PURELL Brand Research 2020 #006-090, Hall and Partners, January 2021.