A Safer Facility Through Sanitization

Share these top tips from with your customers to help facilities stay healthy and safe

Person sanitizing hands at a desk

As spaces continue to re-open, how do you keep facilities and the people in them safe? Supplying proper sanitization products, from hand to surface sanitizers, will help your customer’s facilities stay clean and healthy.

Share these tips with your customers to ensure good hygiene practices:

Implement sanitizer dispensers

Did you know that studies show 84% of people expect public facilities to offer hand sanitizer? Because our hands carry thousands of bacteria, it’s important to place sanitizer dispensers throughout a facility for easy access and to encourage use. Introducing an effective yet gentle sanitizer can keep hands clean and comfortable.

Provide surface sanitizer in key areas

The next step in ensuring a safer facility is surface sanitizing. Focusing on common touch points helps to reduce pathogens that accumulate throughout the day and combat the spread of germs. Provide effective surface sanitizers for use on common touch points, high-traffic, food preparation and other key areas.

Stock trusted products

Studies show people are more likely to use sanitizers from brands they know and trust. The PURELL® brand, for example, is 3x more recognizable than other brand names. PURELL® hand and multi-surface sanitizers kill 99.9% of bacteria and are both formulated without harsh chemicals, making them safe for frequent use.

Designed with at-a-glance product level monitoring and push or touch-free options, PURELL® ES dispensers elevate your customer’s facility hygiene program.

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