Are You Winter Ready?

Winter is coming and so are layers of snow, ice and salt stains.

Winter is coming and so are layers of snow, ice and salt stains. Did you know that 8,800 Canadians had fall-related injuries due to slippery surfaces and over 10,000 had winter-injury hospitalizations between 2018 and 2019? It’s better to be safe than slippery, so help your customers combat potential slip and fall hazards this winter with these top tips and products.

Ice Melt Basics

Choosing the right product is important in preparing for winter weather. Rock salt and ice melt work differently, and their level of effectiveness can vary depending on the conditions.

Ice melt works by both a brine solution to melt the ice and with heat formed by the chemicals to melt the ice faster and keep it melted for longer. Unlike rock salt, ice melt can be used down to -26°C. Many ice melt products, like DuraPlus’ Safety Melt, Snow & Ice Melter, are bright in colour to prevent spreading too much product.

Following these steps ensures the most effective use of ice melt:

  • Ideally, use ice melt when the temperature is below 0°C
  • Prevent ice from forming by consistently applying ice melt once snow has been cleared following a snowstorm
  • Mix ice melt with sand to extend the life of the product and create traction on the ground
  • Sweep up any excess product to prevent environmental damage

Neutralizer 101

Although using ice melt is critical during the snowy season, it can create havoc for a facility’s winter cleaning program. Ice melt product tracked onto floors and matting will leave chalky, white residue. A floor neutralizer, like Dustbane’s Film Away is essential to combat these unsightly salt stains.

Ensure your customers know the importance of introducing a neutralizer into their floor cleaning routine and provide the following tips:

  • Avoid using a floor neutralizer daily and be sure to rinse thoroughly, as the product can be slightly acidic and may otherwise damage floors
  • Dilute the product in water – follow package instructions to achieve the best results
  • Use floor neutralizers year-round to remove residue. This versatile product, when used correctly, can help keep floors looking clean all year long

Offer your customers everything they need to combat ice and eliminate salt stains this winter. Contact your local R3 Account Representative for more information on products and pricing.