Building Your Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Product Assortment

What to look for when adding dish soap to your Jan San assortment

Close up of man cutting green bell pepper in commercial kitchen

Do brand names matter to restaurant guests?

A survey conducted by P&G Professional found that now more than ever guests and patrons strongly prefer the usage of P&G’s branded products vs. private label. Additionally, it was revealed in a recent survey that 70% of North American travelers and 58% of diners would be more likely to pick an establishment if they knew the business was using a brand of cleaning product they personally knew and trusted.

Building your dish soap assortment

Your foodservice and restaurant customers use a variety of kitchen tools that require different levels of care. To fit their every dish washing need, consider adding dish soap solutions to your assortment for every dirt and grease level. Dawn Professional shows how commercial kitchens can meet their toughest jobs with its arsenal of grease cleaning power:

  • Dawn Professional Manual Pot & Pan Detergent now features an upgraded grease fighting formula which cleans 58% more greasy pots and pans per sink* as well as upgraded leak-proof packaging for shipping orders.
  • Dawn Professional Multi-Surface Heavy Duty Degreaser is specifically designed for the foodservice industry. This new formula cuts tough grease two times faster and cleans commercial kitchens with 50% less scrubbing.**
  • For burnt-on or baked-on grease, Dawn Professional Power Dissolver will cut through this carbonated build-up to make this typically tough cleaning job a lot easier.


Talk to your R3 account representative to learn more about building your commercial cleaning product assortment.