Canada’s SUP Bans Enter New Phase: What it Means for You and Your Business

New phase will see five single-use plastics categories fully banned within Canada.

The government of Canada is tightening its restrictions on single-use plastics (SUPs) as the next phase of its single-use plastics legislation takes effect December 20, 2023. What does this mean for you and your customers and how can you help them make the shift and ensure compliance?

Single-Use Plastics Bans and Their Impact

In December 2022, Phase one of the SUP bans saw an embargo placed on the manufacture and import for sale of plastic checkout bags, cutlery, food service ware, stir sticks, and straws.

Now Phase 2, will see the sale of those five single-use plastics categories fully banned within Canada. That means, your customers will no longer be available to purchase the SUPs products, and their customers will be prohibited from selling and using them in-store, including an immediate ban on existing stock for distribution in takeout orders, ready-made meals and similar.

Without a thorough re-assessment of their operations and product offerings, your customers may face challenges such as:

  • Carrying overstock that they no longer can sell to customers or use in their operations.
  • A surge in demand for more sustainable alternatives, potentially causing shortages and supply chain difficulties.
  • The need to educate and train their workforce on utilizing the new packaging products, from storage to usage.
  • Potential higher upfront costs for eco-friendlier alternatives due to increased demand.

How You Can Prepare

Now is the time to develop a product assortment of alternatives that is both compliant with upcoming legislation and includes alternatives to the five SUPs categories. Here’s how we can help:

  1. Dive into Comprehensive Resources:
    1. Canada’s Single-Use Plastics Ban Master Class: A conversation with sustainability experts on what the Single-Use Plastics bans means for you, your customers, and your business.
    2. R3 Sustainable Packaging Selection Guide: Your compass to navigating current eco-friendlier alternatives, the materials they’re made from and product substrates.
    3. R3 Sustainability Playbook: Expert advice on how to evaluate packaging materials, explore environmentally preferable alternatives, and select the best fit-for-purpose products to maximize performance and minimize environmental impact.
    4. Top 10 Sustainability Terms You Need to Know: A glossary of the ten most commonly used sustainability terms to help you and your customers make more informed decisions.
  2. Discover More Sustainable Alternatives: When the next bans take effect, say goodbye to single-use plastics and hello to eco-friendlier alternatives! EcoSystems, the go-to, environmentally preferable food packaging brand, enables grocers and food service businesses to transition to more sustainable product alternatives easily and confidently. From hot cups to wooden cutlery, EcoSystems ensures food is properly stored, presented, and served.

Have questions or looking for even more information? Engage with your local R3 expert for guidance on building a more sustainable product assortment so you and your customers are prepared for upcoming legislation.