Choosing Sustainable Food Packaging

Help your customers choose the right foodservice packaging for their business.

With more and more people ordering food online, the demand for sustainable foodservice packaging is at an all-time high. Now more than ever, consumers are taking packaging into consideration when making purchasing decisions.

Helping your customers choose the right foodservice packaging for their business starts with your product assortment. Keep these considerations in mind when building your foodservice assortment:

Consumers are Environmentally Conscious

More and more, consumers are actively looking for sustainable products – particularly when it comes to packaging. One survey found that 54% of consumers take sustainable packaging into consideration when selecting a product and 58% reported being “likely” or “very likely” to select products that use recyclable or reusable packaging. When selecting foodservice packaging for your assortment, look for products that not only keep food safe, but also help reduce environmental impact.

Not All Plastics are Created Equally

It would be great if plastics just had a simple code for “yes, recycle this” or “no, trash it.” Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple. When choosing food packaging to round out your assortment, consider selecting plastic products with numbers, or resin codes, that are widely recyclable. Download our Sustainable Packaging Playbook for a helpful guide on decoding plastic resin codes.

Choose Environmentally Sustainable Products

Looking to make the switch to greener packaging options? Dart®’s new Eco-Forward® Kraft Paper Food Containers can help! These dual-temperature containers are leak-resistant and have multiple sustainability features including:

  • Made from 80% renewable resources
  • 100% unbleached, chlorine-free, PFAS-free
  • Recyclable in areas with access to a recycler that accepts paper foodservice containers
  • Lids made from 100% recyclable PP

Watch this video to learn more about Dart® Eco-Froward® Kraft Paper Food Containers!