Solutions to Common Floor Care Challenges

Help your customers get better-looking floors

The floor is the foundation of any business – literally! While it’s easy for mud and dirt to get tracked onto them, keeping floors clean is about more than just ensuring customers are left with a good impression of a business. Dirty, muddy floors also pose a slip and fall risk, and can shorten the lifespan of floor finishing because of the wear and tear caused by dirt particles.

Check out these solutions to common floor care challenges below.

Top 3 Floor Care Cleaning Tips

  1. The first place to start when troubleshooting floor care issues is reviewing your product selection and ensuring it addresses the main issue. Some signs of incorrect product use are poor initial gloss, difficulty burnishing or buffing the floor, scuffing and removability problems.
  2. Try to use a detergent or cleaner with a pH of less than 10, if possible. Detergents that are too aggressive can cause discolouration on light floors.
  3. Always use cleaned and rinsed mops, pads and other equipment before use for best results.

A comprehensive floor care system requires the right equipment, products, people and methods to be put in place. These tips will help point you in the right direction and get you started on the path to a sound floor care system – and better-looking floors!

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