Step-by-Step Restroom Cleaning Guide

Help Your Customers’ Restrooms Gleam

Restroom cleanliness has a lasting effect on how people see a facility – and the business that manages or cleans it. Think about it: what do you remember more? The last time you were seriously impressed by a public restroom or the last time you were seriously unimpressed?

Studies show that 70% of people will actually avoid a business or facility where they had a poor restroom experience. Your customers feel the same way, and so do theirs!

Shares these steps to maximize restroom cleaning efficiency and effectiveness:

  1. Close restroom.
  2. Pick up garbage.
  3. Check and fill paper, soap and towel dispensers.
  4. Apply cleanser to basins and scrub with a wet sponge. Then rinse thoroughly, wipe dry and polish.
  5. Spray stainless steel cleaner on bright work, then dry and polish with a soft cloth.
  6. Spray glass cleaner on mirrors, then wipe dry and polish with a soft cloth.
  7. Flush toilets. Apply bowl cleaner to a Johnny mop and thoroughly clean under the flush ring and the entire bowl, trying to get the mop down into the trap as far as possible. (Note: if using an acid bowl cleaner, be sure not to get it onto bright work as it will cause corrosion.)
  8. Wipe the outside of the bowl with a sponge.
  9. Spray disinfectant deodorant inside and outside the bowl.
  10. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for urinals.
  11. Replace can liners and clean all surfaces on the waste receptacle.
  12. Sweep and mop floor.
  13. Remove graffiti as necessary.
  14. Do a final check.

Offering your customers the knowledge they need to improve their facilities’ cleanliness and appearance while maximizing the effectiveness of the products and tools they purchase helps to position your business as a premier supplier. Get ready to grow your janitorial and sanitation product sales!

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