Summer Floor Care 101

Cleaning commercial floors during the summer requires special attention due to factors such as increased foot traffic, outdoor dirt and debris, and higher temperatures.

Follow these summer floor cleaning tips for keeping both your exterior and interior commercial floor surfaces in top shape:

Assess the flooring type: Understand the specific cleaning requirements for different flooring materials. Whether it’s hardwood, tile, vinyl, or carpet, familiarize yourself with the recommended cleaning methods and products to avoid damage. To learn more about the requirements of different flooring types, scroll down to download our FREE 2023 Floor Care Guide.

Address outdoor elements: Summer means increased outdoor activities, and a good way for your customers to prevent dirt and debris from being tracked indoors is to reduce it around their entrance ways. Frequently sweeping walkways will free them of dirt and leaves and your customers’ entrances more inviting. They should also consider using a power washer to remove dirt that sweeping cannot remove.

Pro Tip: While cleaning exterior walkways, inspect for loose or uneven bricks that could present tripping hazards. Place heavy-duty mats at all entrances to capture dirt, sand, and moisture, preventing them from spreading across the floors.

Regular sweeping and dusting: Regardless of how often your customers clean their outdoor walkways or how many mats they use, dust, sand and dirt will make its way into their buildings. It’s essential to sweep or dust floors daily to remove debris that can scratch or wear down your customers’ floor surfaces.

Optimal humidity control: This tip is important to consider year-round, as many floor surface types can experience shrinkage during cooler months and expansion in warmer months. High humidity during summer can affect certain flooring types more than others. Maintaining a recommended indoor humidity level between 30-50% will help to prevent warping, swelling, or cupping of wooden floors. Consider using dehumidifiers or air conditioning to regulate humidity.

Minimize direct sunlight exposure: Powerful sunlight and UV rays can cause a lot of damage to hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and even certain types of tile flooring. UV rays can break down pigments and dyes causing flooring to appear discoloured and dull. Vinyl and laminate flooring can also be damaged from the heat direct sunlight can generate, resulting in warping, expanding and even melting in some cases. Your customers should consider closing blinds and curtains during times of the day that sun streams in. This will both help protect their floors and help keep their buildings cooler.

Tackle standing water immediately: Summertime also means people are turning to pools and sprinklers to cool off. Some of your customers may have more people with dripping bathing suits using their facilities, which could result in water pooling on floors. It’s critical standing water be addressed immediately, as it both poses a significant slip and fall risk on tile, marble concrete and vinyl flooring, and can also cause serious damage to wood floors. Promptly address any water or spills to avoid accidents and damages to your floors.

By following these summer floor cleaning tips, your customers can keep their customer’s commercial spaces looking their best and maintain the longevity of their flooring throughout the season.

To learn more expert tips on how to best care for floors – from terrazzo to tile, laminate to carpet – our 2023 Floor Care Guide has the dos and don’ts to keeping floors looking flawless this summer. Fill out the form to get your FREE copy today!

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