Sustainable Packaging Product Pack for 2022

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The number of consumers looking for sustainable options has grown over the last few years. In a recent study, 72% reported already purchasing environmentally friendly products and 81% of respondents look forward to purchasing more sustainably in the next five years. Considering the Government of Canada’s ban on single-use cutlery, foodservice ware, stir sticks and straws, now is the perfect time to update your packaging products!

This new and exclusive Sustainable Packaging Product Pack includes environmentally preferable alternatives to many single-use plastic products to help your business keep up with new legislations and what consumers are craving.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Product Pack:

Environmentally Preferable Materials

Browse the wide range of sustainable packaging made with environmentally conscious material to meet the demand of your consumers. From paper food containers, Earth pulp trays and sugarcane clamshell boxes, this product pack will help you update your packaging essentials with the most popular product choices so you can become your customers’ best source for new foodservice alternatives.

Going Planet Friendly

Over 65% of consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase and the global online searches for sustainable goods has increased 71% over the last five years. With Sustainable Packaging Product Pack, you can keep up with the demand and offer your consumers a variety of packaging alternatives.

To become the go-to source for packaging, contact R3 to create a customized version of the product pack tailored to your brand!

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