Sustainable Packaging Selection Guide 2024

What single-use plastic food service products and packaging have been banned? Eliminate the confusion with our R3 Sustainable Packaging Selection Guide!

R3 Sustainable Packaging Selection Guide

Single-use plastics legislation took effect December 20, 2022. It can be overwhelming to understand which plastic alternatives to choose to replace food packaging and foodservice products included in the bans, so we’ve developed a convenient Sustainable Packaging Selection Guide to help you better understand the alternative materials and products available, and which of those products offer the best balance between performance, quality and value.

It’s important to not only understand what material the products are made of, but how your customers will be able to responsibly dispose of them when they’re finished being used. Many products are biodegradable or compostable, but it’s important to know if the waste management facilities in your region can support these ‘End-of-Life’ requirements.

Download our Sustainable Packaging Selection Guide now to ensure you’re selecting the proper product that will meet both the functional and disposal needs of you and your customers.

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