The Complete Guide to Ice Melt

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Did you know that more than 42,000 workers get injured annually in Canada due to falls? Winter here is no joke, and the snow and ice that comes with it can pose a serious risk for slips and falls.

Help your customers keep their facilities and workers safe with these must-know tips on getting the most out of ice melt. This free Ice Melt Guide has the critical information you need to help your customers select the right ice melt for their facility, learn when and how to apply it and keep their business safer. Here’s what you’ll learn in the R3 Ice Melt Guide:

Here’s what you’ll learn in the R3 Ice Melt Guide:

The Science Behind Ice Melt

Have you ever wondered how ice melt works? Find out how different types of ice melt work and when to use one over the other.

When and (When Not!) to Apply Ice Melt

Different conditions require different ice melt application processes. Find out exactly when ice melt is needed to help prevent overuse and damage to surfaces.

How to Properly Apply Ice Melt

How do you know if you’re using the right amount of ice melt? Learn how to apply the correct amount to maximize ice melt effectiveness and prevent overuse.

Choosing the Right Ice Melt Granular Size

When it comes to ice melt, one size does not fit all! Find out how to choose the right granular size to help your customers select an ice melt that will work best for their facilities.

Removing Ice Melt Residue

Find out what to do when the snow is gone, but ice melt isn’t! Help your customers remove ice melt residue and stains with these top tips.

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