The Importance of Surface Sanitizing

Get back-to-work ready with these helpful sanitizing tips.

The Importance of Surface Sanitizing

Did you know that the global surface disinfectant market is expected to grow to $1.5 billion by 2027? As facilities begin reopening, it’s essential to have a cleaning program in place to keep them healthy and safe.

A critical component of facility cleaning includes effective surface sanitizing. Surface sanitizing involves using a cleaning chemical to significantly reduce or eliminate the number of bacteria on a given surface. Help your customers get the most out of their sanitizers with these three quick tips:

1. Always Clean First

While sanitizing reduces the number of bacteria on a surface, cleaning removes dirt and debris through wiping or scrubbing. For sanitizers to work effectively, they must come in direct contact with surfaces. Dirt and debris block sanitizers from reaching surfaces, which reduces their effectiveness. Always recommend to your customers to clean before sanitizing!

2. Assess Risk Level

Not sure how often to clean and sanitize? In simple terms, surfaces that are touched or used more frequently tend to pose a higher risk and should be cleaned more frequently. Help your customers determine their required cleaning frequency based on risk level:

  • Low risk surfaces should be cleaned according to a fixed schedule or additionally as required.
  • Moderate risk surfaces should be cleaned and sanitized at least once daily and additionally as required.
  • High risk surfaces that are touched frequently should be cleaned and sanitized after every use. High risk surfaces can include meeting room tables and desks, door handles, bathroom fixtures such as taps and shared equipment.

3. Add the Right Sanitizers to Your Assortment

The right sanitizers will not only effectively remove bacteria from surfaces but will also help to keep them safer, longer. Give your customers confidence in their facility’s level of clean with the Microban® 24 Hour Cleaners and Spray. These products work to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi in five minutes and keeps killing 99.9% of bacteria for up to 24 hours. This 24-hour technology is available in a multi-purpose cleaner, sanitizing spray and bathroom cleaner.

Want to learn more about surface sanitizing? Our R3 product experts can help! Contact us to find out more about Microban® 24 Hour Cleaners and Spray and how to build you complete surface sanitizer assortment.