The Spring Cleaning Checklist

Help your customers ramp up their facility’s spring cleaning routines

With the warmer weather rolling in, it’s time to help your customers get their facility’s spring cleaning rolling. While this may seem like an overwhelming task, check out these helpful tips from Avmor® to help them get started:

Don’t Forget to Clean These Areas!

Spring is the perfect time to give a little extra attention to these easy-to-miss areas. Help your customers get a leg up on their facility cleaning by recommending they allocate some extra time and attention to:

1. Intake Vents

These vents are often overlooked in cleaning routines because of their location. Dust and dirt build-up makes it harder for HVAC systems to circulate air effectively, increasing energy use.

2. Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning facility vacuums – including the hose, brushes, filters, roller brushes, connections, wheels and attachments – is often overlooked. These areas get soiled too!

3. Custodial Closets

Spring is the perfect time to clean out custodial closets. Build up your Jan San category to help your customers replenish their old or expired cleaning supplies and tools.

4. Shared Touch Points

Disinfecting high touch points helps to stop the spread of harmful bacteria at the source. High touch points include all shared surfaces such as finger-operated controls, touch points on chairs, shared phones and keyboards, pens and pencils, door handles, coffee pots and electronics.

5. Restroom Partitions

When a urinal or toilet flushes, they can spray bacteria on nearby surfaces. Wiping down restroom partitions with a disinfectant or cleaner disinfectant from top to bottom helps to remove these germs.

6. Light Fixture Covers

Light fixtures are often only cleaned when bulbs get changed, but they can hold a lot of dirt and dust. Cleaning light fixtures can prevent dirt and dust from becoming airborne, improving air quality.

7. Vending Machines

Did you know vending machines are often ranked as one of the “germiest” surfaces in an office? While cleaning touch points on vending machines is often overlooked, it can help reduce the level of bacteria in your customer’s facility.

8. Carpets

While ice melt is one of the best ways to keep facility walkways safe during the winter months, it can also leave behind stains and residue on facility carpets. Spring is the perfect time to remove these stains to help keep carpets looking their best. Help your customers remove salt stains with Avmor’s descalers and neutralizing salt removers.

9. Docks and Dumpsters

Warmer weather means the return of rodent and insects. Add microbial cleaning solutions, handheld sprayer and foaming dispensers to your inventory to help your customers eliminate odours from their docks and dumpsters. Not sure which products are the best for your customer’s needs? Talk to one of our R3 product experts for help choosing the right products to expand your selection.

Revisit Cleaning and Maintenance Programs

The secret to an effective facility maintenance program is to regularly review it and make adjustments based on a facility’s unique needs. This is a great opportunity to connect with your customers to help assess whether their cleaning programs need to be updated and to offer suggestions for new cleaning supplies or technology.

Contact us to learn more about building your JanSan category to help your customers address their cleaning and maintenance challenges.