Why Use Wipes?

Here’s what your customers need to know about ready-to-use wipes.

Dustbane Ready-To-Use Wipes

Studies have shown that keeping disinfecting and sanitizing wipes readily available can help improve facility health and safety. How? Let’s look in more detail at the benefits of stocking and using wipes:

1. Easy to use

Wipes are ready-to-use and pre-diluted to the correct concentration to make sanitizing and disinfecting quick and easy. Your customers will enjoy using wipes because they eliminate the hassle of diluting cleaning chemicals, while helping keep facilities healthy and safe.

2. Formulated for success

Wipes are formulated to not only absorb cleaning solution effectively, but also release cleaning solution when in use. They’re strong, durable and designed to capture soils without tearing, resulting in an effective clean your customers can trust.

3. Multipurpose and versatile

Wipes are very versatile! From cleaning up spills to disinfecting a variety of surfaces, they can be easily integrated into cleaning routines. Here are three common areas your customers can use wipes in their facility:

  1. High Touch Points: Cleaning high touch points such as keyboards, phones and light switches helps stop the spread of bacteria.
  2. Bathrooms: Using single-use wipes to disinfect bathroom counters and door handles helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  3. Food Contact Surfaces: Some wipes are food-contact surface safe and can be used to disinfect areas including food prep stations and dining tables. Always recommend your customers read the manufacturer instructions to ensure their wipes are food contact surface safe and use as directed.

Wipes are a convenient solution for almost any surface to help remove dirt, grease and soils. Want to learn more about the benefits of using wipes? Download this helpful cleaning chart* with product suggestions from Dustbane.

Not sure which is best for your customers’ needs? Talk to one of our R3 product experts for help choosing the right product to expand your selection.

* If you require a more accessible version of this guide, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.