Wiping a railing with a microfibre cloth.

Building Your Sanitizer Assortment

Is it time to refresh your Jan San assortment? Here’s how antimicrobial sanitizers can help

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Salt stains on concrete

How to Prevent Salt Stains on Carpets

Help your customers tackle this common winter floor cleaning problem

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Cleaning a floor with a mop.

Keeping Custodial Closets Clean

Share these tips to help your customers keep custodial closets clean and organized

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A person using a wipe to disinfect a keyboard

Choosing The Right Disinfecting Method

Here’s how the latest disinfectants offer long-lasting protection


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Two hands holding a small plant.

3 Tips for Choosing Sustainable Packaging

Here’s what you need to know to help your customers transition to more sustainable product alternatives

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The Why Behind Wipers

Here’s what your customers need to know about using wipers

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