Understanding Plastic Bans

Canada’s Single-Use Plastic Bans

Manufacturers have stopped production on most products covered by the new single-use plastic bans. Now is the time to understand what alternatives are available.

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R3 Sustainable Packaging Selection Guide

Sustainable Packaging Selection Guide 2022

What single-use plastic food service products and packaging are being banned? Eliminate the confusion with our R3 Sustainable Packaging Selection Guide!

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Are You Winter Ready?

Winter is coming and so are layers of snow, ice and salt stains.

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Sustainable Packaging

Single-use plastic bans are here and accessibility to some of your customers’ essential products will soon be limited.

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Person sanitizing hands at a desk

A Safer Facility Through Sanitization

Share these top tips from with your customers to help facilities stay healthy and safe

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Person washing hands with soap

3 Steps to Better Hand Hygiene

Share our top tips with your customers to help hands stay healthy

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