Connected Restroom Technology that Takes Washroom and Facility Maintenance to a Whole New Level

Replace antiquated, paper-based washroom cleaning records with WandaNEXT™, the intelligent washroom monitoring device that creates a next-level customer experience. WandaNEXT™ provides real time, actionable data that enables facility managers to solve restroom cleaning problems BEFORE they become customer or tenant complaints. Watch the video to see it in action!

Learn about the future of washroom maintenance and how WandaNEXT™ can improve cleaning quality while saving time and money:

  • Elevate customer experience
  • Improve performance and quality
  • Leverage predictive analytics
  • Increase labour efficiency
  • Reduce costs and waste

WandaNEXT™ delivers critical insights for more proactive and efficient facility maintenance. Its robust analytics engine empowers facility managers to set replenishment thresholds, response time standards, traffic-based cleaning schedules and more. The interactive WandaNEXT™ commercial grade tablet enables washroom patrons to identify areas that need attention and cleaning teams to report on cleaning activities and supply replenishment.


WandaNEXT™ is used in retail, healthcare and commercial environments as well as high-traffic venues such as airports and conference centres throughout North America. Showcase best-in-class facility maintenance in YOUR facility with WandaNEXT™!

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