Can Liners

Take advantage of the durability and convenience of new DuraPlus® can liners. With low-density liners individually folded and high-density liners in coreless perforated rolls, your customers will appreciate quick and easy dispensing.

DuraPlus® can liners are a high performing, Canadian-made product. And, our low-density can liners are ECOLOGO® certified, to help reduce environmental footprint.


DuraPlus® disposable gloves protect and perform. Available in high quality Nitrile and Vinyl, these gloves come in a range of sizes for proper fit, comfort and flexibility.

Gloves can only do their job when on an employee’s hands. That’s why fit and comfort are so critical. When employees find they lose dexterity or are uncomfortable wearing gloves at work, they simply take them off. That creates risks of injury, infection and cross contamination. The glove sizing guide on every DuraPlus® box helps your customers ensure the right fit. They can also choose vinyl for tasks that require comfort and flexible movement but not fine dexterity, or nitrile where dexterity is critical. It also is the perfect solution for those with latex allergies.

Choose DuraPlus® gloves for quality, performance and value you can count on – hands down!

Ice Melt

Effective to -24° C, DuraPlus® Ice Melter is fast acting and long lasting, with even and free-flowing granulation. This ice melter is coloured blue for Consistent Visual Distribution that ensures the right amount of product is applied for optimum results. It also helps to prevent overuse, and the non-tracking Formulation reduces wear and tear on floors.

Stock up on DuraPlus® ice melter!

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