In this pivotal product category, the distributors who understand how to strategically build the right assortment have the competitive edge.

Paper products represent a whopping 36% of Canada’s $2.9B Jan San market. In this pivotal category, offering the right assortment is critical. Why? Because customers typically buy most of their Jan San products from their paper supplier, making towel and tissue a pivotal and highly competitive category – and the best category opportunity to build your market share.

So, how do you select the right product set to increase sales, make the most of our market opportunity and gain a bigger piece of the pie? We’re glad you asked! R3’s carefully selected mix of national brand, margin-building DuraPlus® and sustainable product alternatives is designed to help you grow your towel and tissue sales and be more profitable as you do.

We also support your product assortment with a stock position that ensures consistent, on-time and complete delivery so your customers can count on you as their go-to source for paper.

Ready to get your share of Jan San’s biggest category? Talk to our product experts or shop now!

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