How Canada’s SUP Plastic Bans Affect Your Business

To reduce plastic pollution, the Government of Canada introduced a multi-phase ban on the manufacture, import, and sale of six single-use plastic categories – checkout bags, cutlery, foodservice ware, ring carriers, stir sticks and straws. By the end of 2022, the manufacture and import of several SUP products will be banned, while the ban on sale of these products within Canada will take effect December 31, 2023. Manufacturers have already halted production of these products, so inventory will be limited as soon as January 2023. By then, more sustainable alternatives will be in very high demand, so the time to act is NOW.

3 Easy Steps to Make the Change

As an industry-leader in sourcing and a national wholesaler of food service products, R3 has moved quickly to source a wide range of environmentally preferable alternatives. We’ve built the assortment your customers will need, and our experts can help you select fit-for-purpose items and develop your customers’ transition plans. Here’s how:

  1. Our Global Sourcing Team has created supply relationships with leading developers and producers of planet-friendlier food packaging around the world to establish an inventory position so you can support your customers.
  2. Our product experts understand the packaging substrates and their end-of-life management. They’re here to help you select the right products and create and implement a new, updated price file.
  3. We’ll work with you to help develop an efficient transition plan to minimize waste and cost so you can quickly become your customers’ go-to for environmentally preferable products.

Let’s Get Started!

Sustainability Playbook

Looking to help your customers learn more about sustainable material alternatives to plastic packaging and critical factors in end-of-life management? Download our Sustainability Playbook to kick start your customers their transition process. You can also ask us to customize the Playbook by adding your company logo and contact information!
Download yours today!